60th Birthday Presents

What to Buy for a 60 Year Old

For my husband’s 60th birthday, our young adult children (19-24) created a chat/messaging group to plan what to buy him. Some of the ideas were quite creative, but fortunately couldn’t be found on time (for example, a cannabis decorated hat – thank goodness). They did manage to find a very large Plano tacklebox at Sail, some Rayban sunglasses, and a nice UV filtering shirt (by Simms also from Sail) for his fishing hobby.

Age Themed T Shirts

They also provided him with a 60 themed Tshirt . The one that we ordered was from Amazon, and arrived quickly, from Amazon Prime, but now that we look back – it seems that you can order your own custom T Shirts at Zazzle.


Continuing with the “aging humour” we also ordered some Tommy John underwear https://tommyjohn.com/collections/mens-underwear (for extra support – we thought it was funny – but he loved these the most), and a few items from the dollar store.

A particular favourite from the Dollar Store was the grabber. https://www.dollartree.com/tool-bench-hardware-easy-reach-plastic-long-reach-pick-up-tools-33-in/243557 If you have seen the movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1205489/ Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood’s son and daughter-in-law give him one to “make things easier” along with a few other things before they get tossed out of the house. My husband actually uses this silly thing to grab things on his fishing boat.

My husband enjoyed his gifts and we all had a good laugh and fun together. I have put these gift ideas in, not with any affiliate links at this point in blog-life – it’s just that we had to google for gift ideas ourselves!

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