Saturday Hike – Wildlife footprints

If we can manage it, I think we will go for a hike in the woods today. It’s crisp weather, but not so cold as where my son was hiking last Saturday in Kananaskis Alberta.

He sent me these two photos from his hike last Saturday.

Moose Tracks in Kananaskis Alberta

I was pretty excited to see these moose prints in the snow, but then he sent me this one.

Bear track in the snow in Kananaskis Alberta

This is a bear track, and it looks fresh to me. I asked him how big it was and he said it was as big as his foot – He wears a size 13. My excitement over his description of his beautiful hike and wildlife track photos was gone, as I was realizing this was likely a Grizzly bear track! That’s the last thing an overprotective mom from far away wants to hear.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Hike – Wildlife footprints

  1. Hiking in the woods and coming across wildlife footprints can be both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking, especially when it might be a Grizzly bear track! 🐾🐻 It’s great that your son shared these photos from his hike in Kananaskis, Alberta, even though it raised a few concerns. The moose tracks in the snow are fascinating, and the bear track, while a bit intimidating, is a testament to the wild beauty of the area. Hopefully, his hike was enjoyable, and he stayed safe throughout the adventure. 🌲🏔️

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