Exercise and Memory in Older Adults

I’ve been spending time on my treadmill lately. I’ve been doing so in order to shape up and be healthy, and to also try to lose a few pounds. I will post more about my treadmill another day. Exercise may also have another benefit (I’m still trying to sell it to myself)

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Researchers from McMaster University published a study entitled: ” The effects of aerobic exercise intensity on memory in older adults” http://The effects of aerobic exercise intensity on memory in older adults showed that aerobic exercise may enhance memory in older adults. That would be awesome. I know from personal experience that regular intense exercise helps some of my family members with improving mood and focus. Why wouldn’t it help with memory?

This study involved 64 sedentary older adults in order to evaluate the effects of different types of exercise on memory and cognitive ability. These adults were divided into 3 groups for the study, and they participated in either high intensity interval training, moderate continuous training or were involved in a stretching control group.

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The individuals were evaluated for memory and cognitive skills before and after the exercise. It was concluded that high intensity exercise was associated with improved memory

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 According to the study “High-intensity interval training results in the greatest memory performance in inactive older adults compared to moderate continuous training or stretching • Improvement in fitness correlates with improvement in memory performance”

That sounds like another reason to treadmill to me!

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We all know that regular exercise is good for us, but sometimes reminders about other benefits of exercise can help us to keep motivated.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder and motivation. I love my yoga class, but I don’t think it would count as high intensity. Maybe dancing would help.

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