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A few months back I asked for advice as to how I should write and structure my blog. I was at a turning point, where I was starting to feel comfort with the platform, but uncomfortable with how I was using it. I was learning, as I still am and isn’t that the point of blogging? I am very much enjoying learning, expressing myself and connecting!

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Before embarking on this blogging project the blogging world told me that I should:
1. Create loads of good content and 2. blog about a very specific niche.

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I was struggling with that niche part of it. I thought that I should write about things that were just interesting to people of my age and lifestyle – so I used the theme of “age is just a number”. The thing is that I have lots of different interests, just like everyone else of all demographics. I thought I should split my interest in superfoods off to it’s own blog, but honestly I don’t LOVE writing about that every day. I do enjoy more blogging about issues that are important to me, current projects and family events…. and more enjoyment means more blogging.

It was very helpful then that 2 of my favorite bloggers commented in response to the post “Blogging Advice Please” – to follow my heart in writing, as things will come out better. I have gone with that advice, and I think it’s working so thank you to and for the very helpful advice.

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Before that point I was just stuck on how to structure my blog(s) and overly focused on niche. I have just decided to be me. I have however left my ramblings about gardening and cooking on their own at as they are very specific and I could go on and on about them. The Superfoods Project, I am gradually dismantling and reblogging into the 2 core blogs. It was interesting to research, but no fun!

I have enjoyed taking a few short wordpress courses about connecting and commenting and photography, etc. My objective for 2020 is to improve my photography! I could use a lot of work on that.

Currently I am investigating upgrading my site to a paid plan and buying a domain. I found it really helpful to read Lifesfinewhine (and Part 2 of the same post). Pooja describes how she upgraded to the Business Plan and then moved back to the Premium Plan, but lost some followers along the way back. She felt disappointed with the Business Plan, as she lost the follow button, and found her site to be slower with it. She did like the extra customization features and the plugins with the Business plan, but much preferred the Premium plan. I would never had known about the follow button if I hadn’t followed Lifesfinewhine.

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Finally, I have been following PHD student Louis’ blog Thematicallymeandering. As a former software consultant, who retired to raise a family way back when, I still go crazy trying to figure out how things work. In particular, how do you get people to find your blog. I enjoy the way Louis writes realistically about gaining followers and views. He wrote about interacting with the audience as being the most important way to increase views. He jokes that he’s not sure how many follows you could create in an hour, but bets that you could generate a large number of followers just by following. I was impressed by his honesty and humour about that!

Finally, I recently learned that to improve SEO for my blog, I should have purchased my own domain earlier. The top level address of my domain will have more authority (domain authority) with age, and therefore will get better SEO. That’s too bad, I thought I would take on my own domain once my audience increased a little. Live and Learn!

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By the way, my choice of domain names is not available – so look out for a name change soon. Thank you again to all of the bloggers that I follow for teaching me about the blog world.

  • And yes please – your blogging advice is always appreciated!

18 thoughts on “Blogging Advice – Thank You

  1. I think the niche advice is really only valid if you plan on monetizing your blog. For the rest of us, it’s about community building, dialogue, engagement. And fun! What’s the point if you’re not having fun with your blog? πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ™‚ Niches are most ideal for business-related blogs.

    Now, even though sticking with a niche can also work well for a personal blogger, they are flexible in the sense that they can get away with publishing miscellaneous topics.

    Also, I am pleased to know that you have learned a bit about search engine optimization.

    Do enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Thank you Renard. You are right, It is a personal blog at this point and perhaps its just that I am finding my direction a little more as I connect more and try new things. I do have a lot of curiosity about SEO though!

  3. Good for you! πŸ˜€ You’re right, we absolutely live and learn. Especially in the blogging world, so many different facets of this diamond to polish and discover clarity in. I’ve spent the last few months doing the same thing.

  4. Hi Lillie, Thanks for reading my post. Whatever you have learned about blogging, will leave me way behind as I am not technically minded. I just LOVE writing. Show me a door with a PULL sign, and I will probably PUSH it…Luckily I have three capable sons, the eldest of whom puts my posts on my WordPress page. I can just about put photos on and attach things… but manage to ‘wing it.’ Best wishes.

    1. Thanks to you as well Joy! You are right, I think it feels good to write. I definitely push a lot of pull doors as well. I don’t do well in revolving doors either. I’ve been asking my kids to help me with the social media part, and so far they are avoiding me! Enjoy!

  5. That’s the great thing about WordPress. Overall the community is really helpful and supportive. It has it’s small percentage of thin skinned and spiteful people who more properly belong on Twitter, but it’s a small percentage.

    Glad you’re feeling more comfortable here. Thanks for the like on my cooking post also. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks so much for adding my post to the list and I’m so glad you found it helpful! I found that the information about how upgrading your plan was really lacking and I wish I had known all these things before upgrading (like I would lose my follow button) so I wanted to share the information with other bloggers as it might helo them avoid the problems I faced.

  7. Thank you for this good word. You offer good practical advice here as well as insights and wisdom about writing as a passion. My blog focuses on spirituality and poetry and has only a small community of followers who are friends. But writing it has made me a more disciplined writer, and I learn something new about the craft every day. Glad to know the WordPress community of blogging artists!

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