BBQ’ed Back Ribs – Keeping it Simple is Best

My husband is cooking his specialty tonight……..

I grew up in a meat and potato family. In the winter, our traditional Sunday dinner was prime rib and yorkshire pudding followed by a Monday night special of shepherd’s pie – leftovers from Sunday, chopped, smothered in gravy and covered with mashed potatoes.  My mother had many talents! Summers were different; whether at the cottage or entertaining at home, my father was bbq’ing chicken or a large slab of meat for almost the entire weekend. Chicken & Ribs were one of our favorites.

Today, 50 years later about the only meat we eat on a regular basis is chicken and fish. This is partly because of the negative information surrounding red meats and also my wife who has always preferred pastas and casseroles which our children have grown to favour as well. However, several times a year I still like to make a vast quantity of ribs for a “viking meal” and up until recently would spend entire weekends trying to perfect my trade.

My preference is pork back ribs and if you look on the web, for as many people that cook ribs, there are corresponding “best” recipes. Everyone seems to have the answer for the perfect rib. Low and slow is the general guidance with periodic smothering with your favorite sauce. This was my practice as well; but first I would soak the ribs in a bucket of apple juice for 24 hours and only then would grill for 3 to 4 hours. The entire process was beginning to dominate entire weekends involving more planning than a first rate holiday weekend!

Below is a recipe that beats all the above and can be put together easily and quickly; ready to eat in less than 90 minutes.

Pork Back Ribs seasoned on 2 sheets of foil
  • Liberally salt, pepper and garlic powder each side of the ribs
  • Lie the rack bone side down on double layered silver foil
  • Pinch foil closed over top of ribs – it is okay if there are portions that remain slightly open
  • Turn foil up and pinch closed on the ends. Prevents fat from dripping out when cooking
Pinched at top and pinched upwards at sides (If foil does not completely close at top – not to worry)
  • Light BBQ and set to lowest setting closing lid to let heat up for 5 minutes
  • Place ribs bone side down directly on the grill (pinched foil facing up)
Ribs, bone side down with pinched foil facing up
  • Close lid and let ribs cook for about 55~ minutes on lowest BBQ setting
  • Ribs are ready when grill side reaches a golden brown appearance and top side should look opaque
  • Carefully remove ribs from foil and place opaque side down directly on grill to brown
    • Careful as the foil pouch will be full of hot rib grease
    • Increase BBQ temperature to medium heat
Inside of ribs after further browning
  • Lather each side with sauce and cook until desired caramelization – DONE!
Ribs after being lathered with a generous amount of sauce and caramelized

These ribs pull apart – no knife required and are delicious. Thanks goes to my nephew Mike who has proven – it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Enjoy!

Dog not even thinking about new tricks

P.S.  I’ve tried this in an oven without the same success.

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