Printers Strike 1872

Labour Day

Labour Day, observed on the first Monday of September, signifies more than just the end of summer in Canada. It’s a rich tapestry of history, family traditions, and seasonal changes. For our family, it was often the last big day to barbeque before the kids went back to school, or attend a local fall fair (last year even a rodeo!).

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BBQ Ribs and Mashed Potatoes

Barbecued Back Ribs in Foil

Get ready for a mouthwatering journey as my husband unveils his culinary masterpiece tonight – delectable barbequed pork back ribs! Once a time-consuming affair, he’s discovered a clever foil hack that not only streamlines the process but also elevates the flavor to new heights. Join us as we share the secret to these delectable ribs, making them just as incredible as the original, if not even better!

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