Mr. Beer Tasting Night (Part 3 of 3 – Finally)

I initially put this post together on Feb. 14th -as we sampled the beer after the exactly prescribed 3 weeks from bottling. (We couldn’t wait).

One of my Christmas presents this year was a Beer Making kit from Mr. Beer. I posted about the initial brewing stage, and the bottling stage. The bottles stayed for exactly 3 weeks in a dark space – not too hot, not too cold, for the carbonation phase, and I moved them into the refrigerator last night.

I am sampling the first glass tonight. My Canadian Blonde beer (is it a coincidence that I coloured my hair again today?) is cold and crisp and flavourful. My first glass is carbonated, but not overly so. What should it be paired with? I’m no beer sommelier, but perhaps BBQ chips? Poutine?Apparently the new term for beer sommelier is Cicerone. Merriam-Webster tells me:

“The new “beer expert” sense of cicerone is usually pronounced \sih-suh-ROHN\, but traditionally the English word is pronounced either \sih-suh-ROH-nee\ or (more like the Italian) \chee-chuh-ROH-nee\”. Perhaps in retirement I should take a certification to be a Cicerone – perhaps not!

We found the Mr. Beer Canadian Blonde to be a nice light flavour, and ours was very lightly carbonated. I prefer that, although there are some ways to increase carbonation, involving the temperature and amount of sugar involved with the bottles during storage. I think that I didn’t screw the bottle tops on tightly enough on a few of the bottles (oops!).

I believe that the keg method of brewing helped me to reduce the sediment in the beer. So far I have encountered very little in my bottles, and the beer is nice and clear. The yeasty stuff stayed on the top of the brew in the keg, and I stopped filling the bottles when I reached this level. I was careful not to stir this up at the time.

The Mr. Beer Brewing kit that I received for Christmas had everything that I needed to brew 2 gallons of tasty beer. I will be re-using the keg, and ordering some new refill kits to sample some different types of beer. I will be ordering an American Light refill, and perhaps a Stout for my husband. My only regret with this kit is not having the refill ready to start immediately after I cleaned the keg and bottled the first batch.

I found the size of the plastic brewing keg, the airlock and the spigot to be much easier to work with than other beer kits that I have worked with. I also found the brewing process to be quite simple. The wort was already in a molasses like form, and so I didn’t have to pour boiling water through a mash. I preferred this process. There are also instructions for more recipes for brewing beer on the Mr. Beer website.

In the USA, Mr. Beer can be purchased directly from Mr. Beer – I have included the links throughout. In Canada, we can purchase from Amazon and I have also included links, and will add more as they become available to me.

Max enjoying his Mr. Beer Canadian Blonde Beer

This is the final post in this 3 part series – I hope you enjoyed it, although probably not as much as I enjoyed my beer. Cheers!

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