Mr. Beer Brew Kit Adventure – Part 2of3

I am reblogging part 2 of 3 of my Mr. Beer Adventure – this time bottling the beer.


I waited 3 weeks after brewing a keg of beer using the Mr. Beer kit that I got for Christmas. Then it was time to bottle my beer. I had marked the date to bottle (3 weeks from the initial brew) on the outside of my keg. The brew time is between 3 and 4 weeks.

The Mr. Beer Kit that I received for Christmas as a gift

My husband had the great idea of tilting the keg just a little bit so that the yucky stuff at the top wouldn’t mix in to the beer when we eventually bottled it. We did this back when we first put the keg away – just put a few cloths under the spigot end to tip it back a bit. It’s important through the process not to move the keg around so that the sediment doesn’t mix into the beer.

The 2…

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