I Wish I had known it was Pi(e) Day

On our first day of Coronavirus prevention/social distancing we are waiting to hear from three of our four University students – all of whom had their semesters cancelled or suspended yesterday. There was a domino effect of public school cancellations, then each University, then sporting events and finally the closing of public facilities. I am relieved that my 2 travellers have been back in the country for a few weeks now, as the Canadian Government is hinting that borders may close.

My son returned from a training camp in the United States a month ago – they wore masks on the plane and in the airport back then!

We have been to the grocery store and it was kind of funny – the hoarding, the lineups, a little tension, but there was also humour. My husband joked with people about trading his deli ticket number (he pulled number 58 and they were calling number 6) – but honestly, people were very good natured – a nice lady gave him a lower number, and he in turn gave it to someone else – who had already been given a lower number by someone else. So while there were stories circulating of fights for toilet paper – things were fairly civil.

The empty toilet paper shelf in our local grocery store

As for our young adults, we want them home, but we want to keep them home and I am not sure that that will work with these socially active young people. We want to keep the virus out of our house and “nest” for the next little while – but if the kids want to come and go and mingle with their friends while they are with us – that kind of defeats the idea of social distancing doesn’t it?

What can we do to keep ourselves more interesting? I wish I’d known that today was Pi(e) day. That is today is March 14 – the value of Pi being approximately 3.14 – and we celebrate by eating Pie. That’s simple, but I didn’t bake today. I do have a tonne of bananas and will be re-baking Banana Cream Pie tomorrow! That should bring them home. Here’s the Recipe link. My oldest is home with us – but wanted to go out – we coerced him into staying home – and he made us a Tiramisu – Here is the Recipe! It kept him busy and virus free though.

Banana Cream Pie

So what can we do while we are hiding out at home?

  • There’s always more baking – I have stocked up on baking ingredients, but may gain 50 pounds if we social distance for too long.
  • We could watch sports – but wait, there isn’t any! Currently we can only watch sportscasters interview each other about Coronavirus. Just a tip to sportscasters – maybe you could call an athlete or coach and ask them about their training, the team, or anything but Coronavirus.
  • We could stay home and watch Netflix – but wait……. it seems that there are already 2 signins on our Netflix plan (it’s 2 of our away from home children) – I would sign them out, but I am glad they are staying in their homes watching TV!
  • We have been planning and making dinners and my husband has found all kinds of new Youtube cooking channels.
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com
  • We can walk the dog, clean up the yard (the snow has just melted for now), plan the garden, go for a hike.
I have been starting seeds indoors for a while now
  • We could paint the house, finish that bathroom renovation – but we are worried that all our children will suddenly arrive and we will be short a bathroom – that would not do! The bathroom stays half finished until this emergency passes.
  • We could sort our hoarded toilet paper collection and organize our canned goods – Just kidding, we didn’t stockpile – we bought just enough stuff to make some dinners and bake some stuff.
Brewing Beer
  • We could brew some beer, make some wine or make some preserves. We are currently working on some Sauerkraut.
  • We could catch up on some paperwork (yawn) – I have started the taxes, and my children SHOULD be finishing their now ONLINE university courses – Yesterday 2 essays came my way for proofreading from my two farthest away children. I was happy to read them, but why do they always come at midnight?
  • Then there is always cleaning house, sorting socks and maybe I can finally scrape off the wallpaper in the Living Room or tear up the last of the carpet in our house.

I am trying to make light in this time of stress, but I do believe these cancellations and social distancing are important. I plan to do a lot of reading during this time, and I look forward to hearing how everyone else is keeping busy. Stay safe and healthy!

What are you doing to keep busy?

16 thoughts on “I Wish I had known it was Pi(e) Day

  1. Great minds travel the same paths, Lillie. One thing I have had to do is to fight that tendency to fret and sink a bit. I’ve decided it’s time to clean the closet and bake bread–to use up all of the specialty flours I still have. So glad to have wonderful blogger friends to share with. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. This week has been busy with schools closing and preparing for the upcoming weeks. I’ve been baking and spending time with the kids with reading and games and coloring. I think I’m going to take advantage of this time and really focus on family 😀 Hope you’re staying well and healthy!

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing my children who are away at University soon (when they’ve wrapped up their isolation and travel!) Even though they are much older we will definitely do some baking and board games! Hope you stay all well too!

      1. It reminds me of all the good times I had with my Grandma before she passed. Even after I was married we would sit there and play Crib or cards or do puzzles together. Good times 🙂 Great memories 🙂

  3. It is the same here in Ireland although I am still working most of the time. But it gives me time to garden when the weather is good. Today was nasty – windy and wet – so I took a pack of rice and did what I have meant to do when I bought it – cook and freeze the rice so I don’t buy microwave rice in packs that add to landfill.

  4. “the kids want to come and go and mingle with their friends”

    Lockdown ain’t a grab bag cornucopia situation. Not a time to be picky and wanting to mingle. For nobody, not even for the younglings. It’s a time to show strong character and live through. It’s a time to be an adult, not a time for exceptions. We’re all in this, apart together.

    1. “What are you doing to keep busy?”
      Piratizing movies, blogging, playing in Second Life, washing clothes, doing small repairs and home maintenance, gardening (even if I hate nothing as much as working in the garden) but most of all watching hours and hours of YouTube and finding ever knew channels to subscribe to.
      Oh, and eating too much and getting fat and flabby. 😮

  5. The toughest months in Canada are now here as winter closes in. Cabin Fever this year is going to be overwhelming. As to home improvement projects, I am still awaiting motivation that may never come. The steady diet of U.S. election shenanigans is like some weird dystopian reality show. I am almost glad that I can not travel internationally at this point until everything shakes out. Stay well. Allan

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