Vaccine Day

My husband and I have been discussing the Covid 19 Vaccines for months. He has been all in, ready for the jab and ready to move forward. I have been saying positive things, but in the meantime reading every news story, and medical report about vaccine reactions and efficacy in great detail – for MONTHS. I will not share my thoughts about vaccines here, at the risk of being called a wack-tack, or infuencing someone else’s healthcare decisions! Let’s just say I have spent far too much time looking through the VAERS database (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), but maybe I should start some new hobbies. I will say, I think everyone needs to make their own decisions about vaccines if they can and I do get a kick out of anti-maskers and can’t help but notice that most seem to be always angry!

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We may well have virus fatigue from staying home and masking up like the rest of the world, but at our age we decided to go for the vaccine, in hopes of getting out of the house, seeing our kids and getting on with life sooner. We are lucky to be in good health and be able to stay at home. So far so good.

Our region in Southern Ontario, is not considered a “hot-spot”, however, the province has entered yet into another “lockdown”. Everything is curb-side pickup and on-line purchasing only except for the essential needs – Groceries, Liquor? and Gardening supplies! While I am all in for Liquor and Gardening, I have to wonder what the logic was here!

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The other day we debated about when we would be eligible to receive vaccines and were a little jealous of our American neighbours, and overseas friends in the UK for their aggressive vaccination programs. On the other hand, I kind of wanted to see how things went for these nations, before jumping into getting vaccinated ourselves – I’m not much of a trail blazer like most Canadians.

I also fretted about why we were going to be getting Astra Zeneca vaccines from the US, – Thank you, but did they not want them? and why?

Next we debated with each of our neighbours, as we discussed our ages and eligibility. Dog walking on our street is currently at an all time high, and there is a lot of across the yard discussion. We put ourselves on a regional vaccine waitlist, and just as we neighbours were comparing stories over the fence, we got our appointments for the next day.

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What kind of vaccine would we get, what information did we need to bring? The day of the appointments, we both fretted about what to wear. Short sleeves to expose our shoulders? Did I actually throw out ALL of my short sleeved shirts?

This is how we realized we were getting old and had been at home for FAR TOO LONG. Like my mother not wanting to do anything the day before her hair appointment or getting into the traffic turn lane an hour before it’s time to turn – we waited a year for a vaccine, and the day of we spent hours scurrying about worrying about details – what details?….. just get on with it!

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We decided to relax a bit and settled down, only to realize we needed to hurry to get to our appointments. As we got to the door, my husband went ahead for his appointment 25 minutes earlier, but noticed that I had lost my health card. Was I deliberately sabotaging my appointment? Nah, everything was fine.

Our appointments were in an enormous facility (an emptied out big box store), incredibly organized and efficient. It seemed like airport security, except that it actually worked well, and I didn’t get put into the body search line like I usually do at the airport (looking highly suspicious, with all the other granny types). I also didn’t get to go anywhere after, but oh well…… someday soon!

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As my husband and I met up in the parking lot we both commented that it seemed like we were just in a scene from a sci fi movie. Was it the 1973 movie Soylent Green? Thousands of people herded efficiently through a facility and processed? Are we food now? or perhaps we’ve unknowingly been replaced by Alien Body Snatchers?

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I don’t know what the world has coming next, but we feel relieved to have gotten our first vaccines out of the way (Moderna) and I hope they work. We had sore shoulders that evening, and I had kind of a weird stuffed up nose overnight, but we are all ready for whatever is next now.

Take Care!

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13 thoughts on “Vaccine Day

  1. You are 100% allowed to have your own thoughts and opinions n the vaccine. Your body. What people fail to realize is that there are risks to both taking and not taking. Be true to yourself. No one else matters. Shaming is wrong no matter what the circumstances.

  2. We tossed the idea of getting sick from the vaccine or getting sick from Covid, in the end we decided the chance of getting sick would be greater with the virus.

  3. Hubby had his vaccine this week (Physer) not sure if that’s spelled correctly. Oh well. We had appoinments three weeks ago to receive Astra-Zeneca but when we got there hubby was told it was not recommended for him due to his chronic conditions. I chose to wait to be vaccinated at the same time as him. It was a knee jerk reaction. Now I have to wait. Oh well, I am relatively healthy so not too concerned about it.

  4. I got my first in January and second in February. I had co-workers who waited and treated those of us who took the first opportunity as guinea pigs. There is an issue here with staff at nursing homes not getting vaccinated, catching it, and now it is passed on to patients. Some had one vaccine, supposedly some had both.

  5. Hope you didn’t have adverse effects. Soylent is an actual product; it’s available at Walmart or online. I can’t imagine why a company would actually use that name. In the US, fast food places are pushing “Beyond Meat” products, which has caused Soylent Green to be brought up often. Once you look into it, it’s full of carcinogens. Might as well be eating people at that point, but we get lied to constantly by our govt, and we are inundated with false ads. I have friends and family who are pro-vaccine and some who are not. I guess it comes down to who you trust. It should be your choice alone.

    1. I can’t believe there really is a “Soylent” – that’s crazy! Thanks for letting us know! As for the vaccine, it gave me arthritis like symptoms for a while, so I guess that means it’s working. ( I hope so anyway!) Take care.

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