Around the House

It’s a lovely day today, and there are a lot of things to do around the house. I quite often start projects and get distracted and move onto another project. Do you?

For example, I tend to sweep the floor, go to find a dustpan and start another project leaving a forgotten dust pile behind me.

Today, I thought I would have a quick look around the outside of the house and enjoy the pleasant weather.

I started with a little pile of leaves and some raking. I moved onward towards my shed to find a leaf bag to put them in.

On my way to the garden shed I stopped to see my first little plants sprouting in the herb garden. I thought about what to make for dinner, to go with baked potatoes, sour cream and chives.

Fresh Chives

I thought about what to plant in my vegetable garden. I ordered some seeds online from my phone. I grabbed some sprouted potatoes from my kitchen and planted them. “BBQ’d steak would be nice tonight”, I thought.

My empty raised vegetable beds

I looked over the fence at the neighbour’s lush green grass and noticed that my new grass seed project area wasn’t sprouting, so I watered the lawn for a bit.

A sad area of lawn in the shade

I stopped to look at the fence and think about how to install the new lattice panels, moving them around and thinking about paint colours and trim.

Lattice panels just delivered from Rona

Still thinking about steak and potatoes, I uncovered the BBQ, next to the shed and took out the grills and washed them in the kitchen. I brought out the new regulator hose and went inside the house to visit Youtube and the manufacturer’s website for a while to learn how to repair the BBQ. I couldn’t figure it out, put the BBQ back together and then sat down to rest – sending a strongly worded email to the BBQ manufacturer.

A dirty BBQ uncovered after a long winter

I have no idea how the leaf pile got out there on the front lawn, but it can wait until tomorrow, and I think we should order pizza for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is another day. I will find those leaf bags then, – Honest!

5 thoughts on “Around the House

  1. Too true! reminds me of the joke about the pastor who told his elderly parishioner that she should start thinking about the “Hereafter,” to which she replied, “I think about it all the time. Whenever I go into a room, I ask, Now what am I here after!”

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