Chicken Thighs with Spinach

One Pan Chicken Thighs and Spinach

Jacques Pepin’s recipe for chicken thighs and spinach is easy to prepare, requires very few ingredients, only one pan – and is sensational.

A one pan recipe from our test kitchen!

I just love it when I come across a new and somewhat unique recipe for chicken. I say somewhat, as arguably there are more recipes for chicken than there are stars in the sky – ok the dragon lady has told me over a million times not to exaggerate!

Whether you like wings, thighs, drumsticks or breast, chicken can be baked, deep fried, broiled, poached or grilled in whole or in part. Then there’s Sous vide or on a beer can or held by wire over an open fire; all these options unleashing more fuss and ado than can be had on the space station.…. I have to say my favorite way to cook a whole chicken is to spatchcock; see our version….here.

spatchcock chicken
Spatchcock chicken

However, more often than not simple pleasures come from simple measures and Jacques Pepin’s version of chicken thighs with spinach nails it. Time and again this world-renowned chef has demonstrated that modest ingredients and a simple approach can serve delightful meals in 30 minutes or less.

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This recipe has no oil, combines frying and steaming and only 6 ingredients: Serves 2 or more people. A NEW PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD has been added to the bottom of this post.

Chicken Thighs and Spinach Recipe

Chicken Thighs and Spinach Ingredients:

4 Chicken thighs bone in skin on

4 ounces of baby spinach

salt, pepper to taste,

4 cloves of garlic chopped

2 tbsp water

…that’s it.

Bone-in Skin-on Chicken Thighs
Bone-in Skin-on Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs & Spinach Method:

  • Lightly cut along both sides of the thigh bone, non skin side – this helps the thighs to cook evenly. Salt and pepper each side of the thigh to taste.
Trim fresh chicken thighs
Trim fresh chicken thighs

  • Place thighs skin side down in a non-stick pan on high heat for 4 to 5 minutes
Seasoned chicken thighs
Place thighs skin side down in frying pan
  • Reduce to medium heat, cover with lid and cook for 20 minutes.
  • Note: After 10 minutes or so, If too much fatty liquid has formed, empty fat into a container and resume cooking. This may happen depending on the fattiness of the thighs and how many you cook.
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  • When cooked, place chicken onto a plate and add garlic to pan and saute for a minute. There should be a little fat and remnants left in the pan for flavour.
Saute garlic
Saute garlic
  • Add spinach, 2 tbs of water and mix with garlic.
Add fresh spinach and water to garlic
Add fresh spinach and water to garlic
Cover spinach for 3 minutes
Cover spinach for 3 minutes

  • Cover for 3 minutes, turning and adding salt halfway through.
  • Server on platter with chicken
Cooked chicken thighs on a platter
Cooked chicken thighs on a platter

The beauty of this dish is you can adjust at various times in the process – there are no wrongs or right. Have fun and enjoy…..

We served with risotto and of course a nice zesty Chardonnay.

Chicken thighs with spinach and risotto
Chicken thighs with spinach and risotto

Below is a printable recipe card from RecipesGenerator. Please give it a try!

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Chicken Thighs with Spinach
Chicken Thighs with Spinach
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