Stepping into 2022

Now I know that you know that its 2022, but my inbox is currently full of self-care recommendations for the New Year. Is yours? I’m not so much a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, because they generally fade from my recollection as the year goes on.

I do try on a regular basis though to improve something or accomplish something, no matter how small, every day of the year. It could be improving my appearance, my household, my food choices, or working on learning a skill – anything. Just one little thing, one step at a time.

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I do have a tendency though to be overly thrifty with things for me. My husband jokes with me whenever he offers to make me something and I hesitate – “oh you are not worthy?” – when I’m not sure I deserve to spoil myself with poached eggs for example. He’s right – I am worthy – so I need to pay attention to that tendancy.

When my mother would by herself a treat of some sort – she would call it an “I deserve me”. She didn’t need whatever it was but an “I deserve me” made her happy, so why not?

So at New Year’s, instead of making resolutions, which are “todos” for myself, sometimes I just buy myself an I deserve me.

My thrifty makeup staples
My thrifty makeup staples

New Year’s Day is one of my favourite holiday’s because honestly – there is nothing to do and nothing open – EXCEPT my local drug stores, where I can find cosmetics and magazines. I do think that the New Year is at least as good a time as any to purge my 100 year old cosmetics and replace them.

JOAHbeauty Award Winning Cosmetics

Now I can always buy all of these things on-line through Shoppers Drug Mart,, or even Walmart, but it’s nice to get out to a store that’s not too crowded early in the morning. I’ve been isolating a bit too long if I get excited to go to the drug store.

Now I wonder if during this pandemic, if we are always wearing masks, did Lipstick sales decrease?

What about tooth whitening products?

I was thinking maybe I could use my old masks to give myself a DIY jowl facelift?

But I’ve been working on my pandemic bad hair.

I have been avoiding spending 2+ hours of togetherness with a hairstylist, getting foil highlights done. I have been using an “extra lightening” hair colour product at home. I cannot say that Blondes have more fun, but I think my hair looks pretty darn good so far, but I’m using so much harsh products on it, it will probably all break off or melt before this pandemic is over. Is bad hair now a pandemic epidemic?

While the boys are off ice fishing, I have bought myself a home foot exfoliating socks from I shall put my feet up in plastic bags, eat the chocolates from my Christmas stocking and read a magazine. Just going wild, with extravagance, I know.

Today, my new disposable contact lenses came in the mail from I buy daily disposable lenses, even though they are more expensive than monthly or longer term lenses because they are easier to care for and easier on my eyes. All the contact lenses and glasses that are available online now gives us better competitive pricing for eyewear. I also buy sometimes from and My latest purchase of a 90 pack of Focus Dailies was $58.65 from after a coupon! Clearly is now offering a less expensive brand called Proclear (I haven’t tried them yet) for $68.50 per box, and there are usually coupon codes for shipping or a % off.

Save Up to 50% on All frames + 30% off lenses at Clearly with code: LENSUP30

I am trying to think positively this New Year’s as I generally do. The kids’ friends are calling every day to say someone else has Omicron. The only thing I couldn’t find at the drug store this past visit was a rapid test kit. I’m just going to keep on putting one foot in front of the other and be good to myself in 2022.

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  1. Ya, I’ve definitely stopped wearing lipstick because of the masks! Make up in general has become a very rare thing in my life lately. I love your self care ideas and the idea of small steps, every day. ❤️

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