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A study of 957 Chinese individuals over the age of 55 by the National University of Singapore found that drinking a cup of tea every day reduced mental decline significantly – by 50% apparently. (By the way, I have heard this study described as a study of Chinese elderly – ELDERLY??? over 55?). Regardless that seems like a hint to me.

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According to the study, it doesn’t matter what type of tea – black, green or oolong, it’s all good as long as it is freshly brewed. The study doesn’t mention herb teas or my favourite coffee, and definitely not my favorite red wine…

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Even more significantly, those people who had the Alzheimer’s gene, who consumed tea daily had an 86% lower rate of cognitive decline. That’s substantial.

What I find amazing is that this study is floating around as a new study in the news. It was actually published in December 2016 based on people interviewed between 2003 and 2010 – so it is hardly new.

When I read the abstract of this study, it looks like this study did not find the same effect for men. Sorry fellows. I think there’s a lot to more to be studied here, but it can’t hurt to have a cup of tea while thinking about it.

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