My 60ish Weight Gain

It seems like every decade since my 30s, I have gained 10 pounds, but this last ten pounds has come at the start of the 60s – all in one year. That’s the ugly, boring truth of it, plain and simple. Being tall, has hidden it a bit. Height and strategic fashion can cover it all up just a bit, but who wants to hide?

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I can attribute my recent weight gain to a few things (It’s not the Pinot Grigio for sure). At this point in my life I have less need to be busy, fewer responsibilities, fewer jobs to do and so on. I am just plain less physically active.


My wonderful spouse has joined me at home, and we are getting used to each other’s daily routines. Not to pass the blame or anything (well maybe), but he has always exercised hard, (being the athletic sort) and then in his free time may loaf around a bit with the TV on, and it is quite tempting to sit and join in!

He is also a wonderful cook, and loves to make breakfast lunch and dinner, with lots of meat, cheese, sauces and other yummy stuff. That, and he loves to take me to dinner. Not to mention that we enjoy visiting our away from home university student children – which involves lots of sitting in cars and planes and…….. restaurants.

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So lifestyle and diet have definitely led to my expansion. Then there’s age. Apparently we lose muscle mass as we age, which contributes to a slower metabolism, which can cause weight gain. To add to that menopause causes our weight to concentrate around our middle – helping with that unhealthy apple-like shape. And finally, our lower estrogen levels theoretically causes us to burn less calories than younger people during exercise.

So what I’m saying is that none of this weight gain is my fault. And it’s definitely not the Pinot Grigio, really……

So after a meaningful discussion with my spouse, I’ve decided to break away from his diet of delicious foods, and try to plan my own meals for a few weeks to see how that goes. So while he’s enjoying some roasted chicken, that has never smelled more delicious, I’m having a sad 300 calorie frozen meal.

300 calorie dinner looks yummy on the package cover
300 calorie dinner looks must less appetizing when opened

And I have been regularly visiting this guy.

My F80 Sole Treadmill

We are not friends yet, but we are getting to know each other. I want to live to be 100, but not with another 40 pounds on me….

More about Treadmilling another day. Gosh I’m hungry!

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  1. Ahhh.. Everything in moderation is my motto… Be it wine, cheese or fudge… No gym or treadmill although I agree that exercise should be the choice of the individual.. Mine is walking… Thank you for the follow, Lillie and good luck 😊

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