Mr. Beer Brewing Adventure – Part 1of 3

I am reblogging my post from – It is part 1 of 3!


One of my Christmas presents this year was a beer making kit. I am including links to purchase directly from Mr. Beer, if you are in the United States. They have also provided a 10% off Coupon Code AFL-KEGV, which you would place on your order. For Canadians, I am including Amazon links. As this was a 3 step process, I am posting in 3 parts to break things down a bit!

I am not new to making beer, wine and cider. I had previously made wine at a local wine brewing store, brewed beer at a brew your own location, and then moved on to making cider and beer at home initially with kits.

Mr. Beer Canadian Blonde Brewing Kit

The cider-making came as a result of growing a small orchard full of apples, pears, plums, cherries and asian pears, and finding things to do with the produce. After…

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